A Brief History Of Astrology

Astrologers do make predictions for the future but they are really just educated guesses. No one really knows the future because the future depends on the choices we (you & I) make today. When choices are made from habit then predicting the outcome is a lot like repeating the past, and forecasting is made easier. But, the moment someone decides to make a new choice, something they haven't chosen before, then predicting the future is going to be even more of a guess.

You can ask yourself one question right now
Would you rather know what is in store for your future - providing that fortune telling were even reliable - or would you prefer knowing the choices you have on hand right now? These are the choices that can build your future and they are the choices that you decide for yourself.

Some of the bigger choices you make in your life become the best choices because you have thought about past choices and improving on past experience, and they can become long term choices. They could be choices about work, how to raise your children, long time friends and your favourite vacation places. However, there are many other smaller choices that are made out of habit that could be changed to let some fresh air, so-to-speak, into your life. And it is the daily choices we have that make up the most frequent decisions, and it is the frequency of those daily choices that act like the building blocks of our future.

Times change and the choices we have today may not be the same as the choices we have next month, or next year. Astrology shows us the changing landscape with the movements of the planets through the zodiac signs. For us it all begins with the awareness of the changing conditions of our greater environment. How this information can help us is up to each person to decide for themselves.

The history of astrology can provide a glimpse of the awareness of human consciousness as it has changed through the ages and so we can compare where we are today against the old view of the cosmos from past civilizations. The term cosmos is a Greek word (kosmos) that means "elegant order" and from the cosmos comes this sense of order because the planets and zodiac signs are moving precisely as they have since ancient times.

The traditional views of astrology that are used as a means of fortune telling are not very useful to us. When you consider that our future is based on what we decide in our life today then being aware of the choices we have will empower our life. However, being told what our future holds can rob us of the choices we would otherwise have.

The purpose of this article is to empower you The choices for your life are yours to make but before you can make wise choices for yourself there are a few things about the elegant order of the cosmos that can help you see the usefulness of astrology. A brief history of astrology will, hopefully, provide a better understanding of past civilizations to better understand our own present civilization.

Our view of the cosmos Our planet Earth and the rest of the our solar system takes up a tiny space in the universe. We are held in awe of what we see and what we know about our universe as seen from our earthly point of view. That feeling returns time and again whenever we look with wonder at the night time sky. And the more we learn about the universe the more our imagination grows. The view we have of the universe through our own eyes won't change as long as we are Earth bound, but what does change, over time, is the state of our awareness.

It is our awareness as human beings that enables us to see things outward and then to see things inward. This two way awareness comes about as awareness expands both outward and inward simultaneously. It is the level of our individual awareness as well as our collective awareness that shows our growth as a civilization. When things have changed it means that people have changed, and we change first by how we perceive life and our surroundings.

The inward aspect of our awareness is revealed by how we make choices for what we now believe and yet we feel that the new choice has always been so. For instance, when we become aware of a better way to drive to work in the morning we soon find ourselves saying, "I always take Parker Avenue because the traffic flows easily." And we say things like this even though we can remember before we started taking a new route.

I could say that I've always believed in astrology and this is true for the last 45 years, but I remember as a teenager thinking that astrology was ridiculous. So I say that I have always believed in astrology because when one belief replaces another the old belief has lost its value and it is dismissed in every way other than the memory.

We are consciously aware of time but we can still live in the future or live in the past because our awareness seems to be outside of time's limitations. We can keep this in mind as we explore the past and find new things about ancient civilizations that we always knew.

Past Civilizations and Astrology Astrology has been part of every civilization since the beginning of recorded history from the Sumerian civilization to present day. Virtually all civilizations that we know of have looked up to the sky to find an understanding of our life on Earth. We can imagine the earliest of people, long before any recorded history, having sought some understanding from the movements of the Sun, moon, planets and stars. The sky revealed movements that were beyond our Earth, and our earthbound experience and this raised questions about our life and purpose here on earth. It seems natural and intuitive to look up at the sky and observe the wider field of vision to seek out meaning to our life, but it was not likely a religious inquiry, millennia ago, any more than it is today. A spiritual belief could easily emerge from the awe we experience from viewing the starry sky, or an inquiring mind could be moved to provide a logical analysis. Astrology, as I see it, is not one or the other but both.

Our Spiritual Beliefs The ancient spiritual beliefs about the Sun & Moon are important only to those that think in those terms. Most people wake up in the morning around sunrise without thinking about the religious or the scientific importance of celestial movements. One day seems pretty much like the previous day, or the next, and this means that people of science and religion wake up in the morning and go about their business like everyone else. The scientific or spiritual meanings of the Sun and Moon are only paid attention to when people put their focus where their interests lie, either religion or science. Otherwise we just get on with living.

Predictable Planetary Motion
The movement of the heavens was always predictable as the orbiting planets could be calculated by their regular and precise movements. However, it was not until the fifteen hundred's that astrologers/astronomers had the tools to make accurate measurements of planetary movements. It was then proven with visual tools and more advanced mathematics that the reoccurring cycles of planets were precisely repeated. The next logical assumption was that predictable movements could also be used to predict events, however, there is a flaw in this assumption because the planets do not make decisions, it is people that make decisions, and people are notoriously unpredictable except when making the same choices time after time.

The accurate movements of the solar system easily suggested that order, rather than chaos, created the universe. Religious values could follow, or be injected into astrology as desired, but astrology always stood on its own premise of an orderly universe that could be observed and used to learned more about the elegant order of the cosmos.

Ultimate control is not in our hands
We do not control the rotation of the heavens - the earth does that. Nor do we control the activity of planets as seen travelling through the ecliptic - the solar system does that. This slim slice of the universe that we call the ecliptic is the Sun's path where all the planets lay in a plane, and the elegant order we see has not changed over the millennia. And it is not an ordered universe that we control. There is something more than human interests at work here, and that is a mystery worthy of exploration.

It takes 72 years for the zodiac to move one degree and this is less than a mere tick of the cosmic clock, so a boundary between zodiac ages is rather blurry. It takes 25,920 years for one complete revolution of the zodiac. For just one zodiac sign it takes 2,160 years to complete, and then a new sign, or new age, begins. We are now at the crossroads of making that change and entering the sign of Aquarius. The Pisces age, that of the fishes, is complete and we are entering the age of human knowledge and humanitarian intent.

Human Awareness
These same regular cycles of planets and signs are observed and accurately plotted and after 5000 years the cycles we see remain the same, but it is human awareness that has changed, and the world view follows our awareness.

History Part 2

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