Tree of Life

Poor Psychological Ownership of the Conjunction

When the conjunction lacks ownership the energies represented by the planets are homogenized and definition is blurred even though the blend may not be equal in intensity. The energy of one planet in the conjunction gets sacrificed while the other is prominent. This can alternate at any time bringing a reversal of importance or focus. The emotion is a bland uncertainty bordering on apathy.

Shields Up
Most people do not understand that there is no need to justify your existence. Does a blade of grass need to justify its existence? Does anything at all need to justify its existence? Unfortunately, the lack of ownership often leads people into a defensive position. When questioned as to why they feel courageous one moment and cautious the next, the Mars Saturn conjunction can get defensive by putting the blame on circumstances or unforeseen hardships, where initially there was only the enthusiasm to get started.

To Thine Own Self
Where does the charm and magnetism leave off and the freedom of unpredictability take over in the Venus - Uranus conjunction? One minute there is a perfect host and the next moment he's ready to take off to another party. It is not an abrupt behavior that shows a lack of ownership. In fact when this conjunction lacks ownership they are likely to remain the host while they wish they were somewhere else. It is this vacillation between Venus - the magnet, attracting people, objects, "things"; and Uranus - separations, distance and alienation that is their nature, and it creates uncertainty in their choices when they can't accept that it is their nature to be contrary to ordinary.

They haven't owned up to being so richly layered and containing so much variety. They do experience uncertainty, but not confusion. They see the choices clearly enough, they just haven't come to accept that it is not a sacrifice, or that being multifaceted is not the same as being inconsistent. Chances are they have been told that there is something wrong with them, and if they believed that lie it would have had a lot to do with influencing their lack of ownership.