Tree of Life

Spiritual Ownership of the Conjunction

Blending Perceptions When an individual owns their conjunctions there is a richness of depth through a sense of multiplicity. The planetary energies are allowed to be separate and to be interpreted as variations on a theme. It represents alternate choices and/or a blending of perceptions, style and taste. The emotion associated with the ownership of this aspect is that of a wholeness and excitement for the variety it offers.

It is very much like having your cupboards well stocked where all the ingredients are at hand for whatever one chooses to create. There are choices, or I should say, there are variations to draw upon. The conjunction symbolizes the coming together of two or more different aspects of our being, to be freely aligned in whichever way we choose.

The stellium (3 or more planets in conjunction) offers more depth and variation, but it may also be more of a challenge to own. There is an inherent ability to change course, alter styles of behavior, or perceive many more ways to interpret events. As a spiritual being it represents the sheer excitement for the rich and layered texture of life, for there is never just one way to see or experience life.

Duality not Dichotomy
To own this aspect is to be free of the dichotomy associated with the "either - or" syndrome. You can accept that you are made up of different components that need not always be blended in the same way. You can be both illusive and serious (Neptune/Saturn); you can be both moody and focused (Moon/Pluto) or you can be both certain and unpredictable - or certainly unpredictable (Sun/Uranus). Whenever the planetary energies, that comprise the conjunction, are seen as separate then they can be adjusted and altered according to the individual's whim and fancy.