Tree of Life

Oppopsition Not Owned as Spirit

Cruel World
A person with oppositions that are not owned can fall into the trap of playing the victim. Life is abrasive and full of obstacles that have been placed there by other people, or even an uncaring God. The emotion is that of anger and resentment.

No Respect
Not having taken ownership of their own creations they blame the world or the people in it for all that is wrong. This aspect then loses all sense of boundaries and it feels like their life is under attack. More often than not, they see an attack where there was none intended. Not only have they lost their boundaries, they have no respect for yours.

Unsafe World
If they are angry, aggressive people they are a real handful. If they are timid and frightened people they are clinging and weighty. Either way they tend to sap your energy as their gift to the relationship. They are just as focussed out in the world as the person that owns his/her opposition, but the difference is that the world is not a safe place, or that other people are constantly screwing it up.

Mind Your Own Business
There are times that the lack of ownership shows up in how these people take on problems that are not theirs to begin with. They come to the rescue whether you needed rescuing or not. They stick their nose in your business because they are going to help you. It is precisely because they lack boundaries that they seek to control everything around them. Life is just so unmanageable, even yours, unless they are there to take control.

Simultaneous Lives
These spiritual beings have not taken responsibility for their own creations, at least not in this life-time, and for what ever reason this is so, it is their process. We see life times as linear, but spirit sees life times as simultaneous. The interactivity of multiple life times all exchanging information simultaneously is a creative process we best not sit in judgement on. Put up your clear boundaries and mind your own business.