Tree of Life

Owning The Opposition Aspect

Larger Than Life
The ownership of the opposition aspect is demonstrated through the recognition of how interactive they are with the world. Life is there to be sampled, touched, tasted and brought back home to share. The emotion is one of passion and hunger. These people are larger than life, so to speak. They take big bites out of life and consume it with relish. There is an acceptance that they create their own reality, including their obstacles and their enemies. If it's there, they know they put it there, and so they can change it if it's not to their liking.
Big Appetites
They own the energy that is robust, that has a wide reach and a broad swing. There is always something else, something more... it is the harvest and the feast, but it is also the ending and closure when it's time to move on. The planets, the signs and the houses involved will offer clues as to where they focus their big appetites.
These people have relationships with others that are every bit as passionate as their relationship with life itself. This aspect can take more and give more to relationships than do other aspects. In owning their curiosity and their passion these people are always testing the boundaries of their current adventure as well as testing their relationships with other people. Other folks may think that these individuals know no bounds, but the truth is that they have a healthy respect for those that have established clear boundaries.
In their robust desire to sample life people owning this aspect avoid unworthy confrontations and petty competition. They are satisfied to experience things their way without the emotional need to sway others or to win them over. They use confrontation when it has value to them, such as getting to the truth; or for knowing just what those actions or remarks really mean. If things are not clear they do their best to establish definition so that they may know what they are up against.