Tree of Life

Quincunx Not Owned

Blind Spot
The inconjunct, when it is not owned, reveals a puzzle or problem with only a partial view of the issues involved. There is a black or blank unknown area in the field of vision, which represents that part of the quincunx which is not being owned. The emotion is fear of all that isn't seen, as well as being afraid to look.

As a person fears to look at a disease (anything that is stressful is dis-ease) it is very much like hiding one's head under the covers. Before long those blankets act as a depressing influence, and this soon leads to despair. The whole process is to create a situation that can no longer be ignored. As a spiritual being there is the ability to see clearly what is causing the dis-ease, but the lack of ownership suggests that the whole thing is beyond help. In this case fear becomes the real enemy and corrodes the spiritual essence in the body. Frustration can trigger anger, and this anger can be a strong healing influence as it raises the life force energy.

Simple Procedure - Easier Said Than Done.
In that only part of the puzzle or problem is revealed it means that there is a hidden piece that needs to be found. To find this hidden piece requires that the person be able to see through the neutral lens of the quincunx aspect without fear or prejudice, but with discernment instead.

Frantic Searching
When this aspect is not owned what seems to be available is all the factual and material information around illness, which may not entirely make sense or provide solutions. There is still the frantic searching for answers and trying one remedy after another. When all external avenues have been explored and no answers were found, it may be time to turn inward to the spiritual being we are and use that neutral clear sight (sixth chakra) to see the solution. What this aspect is all about is to get us to see.