Tree of Life

Spiritual Ownership Of The Quincunx

When this aspect is owned the ability to see clearly what needs healing is the main feature. There is a neutral attitude towards the issues that come up, issues that require a conscious focus for the healing process. There is no emotion associated with the ownership of this aspect unless having a clear head and sense of neutrality can be called emotional.

This aspect is a parallel to the body/spirit phenomenon. With this aspect the astrological elements are different and the modes of activity are different. As the body really doesn't understand the nature of spirit (since the body operates only in a material plane) there is the requirement of some alterations or adjustments to bring the body into alignment with the spirit. This happens in many ways, but through the ownership of the inconjunct aspect it takes place by means of clear sight as spirit. Another term for this is claivoyance, or if you prefer, intuitive insight.

There is just three things to know about being spirit - simplicity, simplicity, and simplicity. Therefore, you might say that alignment of body and spirit is just a simple adjustment. Through seeing the issues clearly and becoming more aware, healing can take place to align body and spirit. In essence, it is a case of healing the spirit and the spirit will heal the body.

As the quincunx takes place in signs that do not have an affinity for one another, nor do they clash with one another, it could be said that these signs are neutral in their relationship. This aspect is owned when a neutral awareness is achieved. It is the ability to look at your own emotions in a neutral manner that allows you to act, rather than react. More than anything else it's about seeing clearly the choices you have. It is a little like stepping slightly to one side of the mirror and seeing past your own image.