Tree of Life

Sextile Aspect Not Owned As Spirit

When the sextile is not owned there is a lack of belief in one's ability to decipher meanings from experiences. The emotion is one of doubt, uncertainty and an awkward fear.

Correct or Incorrect
This side of the sextile reveals itself with all students when they just can't get something, and with all teachers when they just can't verbally convey their thoughts. There is a false assumption that goes along with the lack of ownership and that assumption is that there are correct and incorrect answers in the classroom of life. In this world emotions play the biggest role by far, and in any emotional realm there are no correct answers... there is only your answer. Who knows better than you what your faculties are telling you? If your interpretation takes you in a certain direction then that is your approach to assimilating information. The sextile lacking ownership struggles to find documented answers as they are unsure of their own information.

Your Opinions Please
If the trust is not there for your own information then there is the tendency to rely on the information from another people. When you are asked for your opinion no one really wants to hear you relate how a local expert would interpret the situation - they want YOUR opinion. All the experiences that come up in life that are seeking your translations are just another exercise in getting yourself to own the sextile.

Your Own Expert
Too many times with this side of the sextile there is the searching for an analytical solution, and it often leads to frustration and self doubts. We have been trained to put a higher value on our intellect for solving our personal problems, but when the majority of our lives and our decisions are based emotions, the analytical process does help us nearly as much as we pretend it does. I'm not suggesting that emotion is better than intellect, it's more the case of using what's appropriate. As an example: If someone just won't stop bugging you are you going to ask them for the 100th time very politely to leave you alone, or are you going to give them the LOOK and threaten their vital parts with injury. In the end you'll use what works for you, and you can let the experts scratch their heads in wonderment over your success.