Tree of Life

Owning The Sextile Aspect

Through the ownership of this aspect there is a love for the exchange of information. The type of information and the manner of the exchange is closely related to the planets, signs and houses involved. The emotion is that of joy.

Ability to Acquire
Information is not analytical by nature, but we often try to understand it through a mental process. For instance, a Venus Mars sextile can offer information about physical and sexual magnetism, and do you really think this information will be assimilated through an analytical process? The sextile does not actually represent mental skills any more than it represents emotional skills. It represents the ability to acquire information of any nature through a process of exchange.

When this aspect is owned there is a confident and buoyant attitude that is associated with the assimilation of information. The sextile is both teacher and student, and the classroom is life itself. One of the basic characteristics of owning this aspect is a sense of resourcefulness. The difference between the resourcefulness of the sextile from that of the trine is that the sextile is acquiring the information and the knowing comes from experience, whereas the trine knows on an intuitive level.

Playful Ingenuity
The joy of experimenting with various recipes is part of a curious intelligence that enjoys playing around with possibilities. The intelligence is not rated in intellectual terms, but reveals itself as an ingenuity that comes through the interpretation of emotional information as well as analytical information. These people have social skills to balance out their professional skills.

Sifting Information
People with a number of sextiles under ownership radiate an unmistakable intelligence where very little, if anything at all, gets past their keen awareness and ability to sift through information. After all, assimilating information is their bailiwick.