Tree of Life

Square Not Owned As Spirit

Gloomy Cynic
When there is a lack of ownership for the square aspect then you can see a suspicious and un-trusting nature emerge. The emotions associated with this side of the square aspect are those of cynicism and gloom, a thinly veiled covering for anger and resentment.

Push Those Buttons
The awareness that appears to be missing is the awareness that everything they seem to bump into is something of their own making. All their sensitive issues are lined up and lit up like dashboard buttons. Now, be honest, when you see someone all lit up haven't you always wanted to push those buttons just to see what would happen? You can bet that somebody will push them, one at a time, or all at once. Can the individual accept that the button is theirs in the first place and take steps towards ownership?

Putting On Airs
Because of the lack of ownership these people often put up a front that swaggers or displays an air of superiority. This is, of course, supposed to convince you, and in turn convince themselves that they are hot property. If they can't cajole you into supporting them in this way then you will soon see the anger surface.

Resistance is another main feature of this square. Resistance is very personal and varies from person to person. Resistance is wanting to avoid the undesirable through effort and control. It's like trying to avoid someone by constantly looking over the shoulder and expecting to see them, but not wanting to. In this way a message is being sent - "Don't come in the room, stay away, I'm afraid you'll see me." If you heard the words, wouldn't you be curious and go see what's going on? On one level or another, people hear those words that are sent out, and yes, they often show up when they're called.

Your Compass
As with any aspect that lacks ownership, the energy is all about revealing just how and where ownership needs to be addressed. All the discomfort associated with the lack of ownership is not a punishment, it is a compass direction for getting back on course.