Tree of Life

Owning The Square Aspect

When the individual owns the square aspect they avail themselves to limitless possibilities. They are on a journey of exploration where old rules and values are being broken, destroyed, and re shaped into new images. The emotion is that of freedom at hand, tinged with a slight fear and anticipation for the unknown.

Destroy to Create
Through the ownership of this aspect there is the ability to clear out whatever is in the way, be it material, emotional, or spiritual (energy). The thrust of this aspect is to get into the open, to pioneer to new levels, and to destroy whatever restrictions and boundaries there are blocking the next steps in spiritual growth. New boundaries will be formed after the old ones fall away, and in the mean time there is the challenge of owning this new place of being.

Exhilaration & Vulnerability
The square as a geometric figure is symbolic for what it can hold. It is, after all, a box and a box contains things and forms a strong boundary. This boundary provides definition as well as limitations. When the square is used for breaking boundaries there is the exhilaration of limitless space, and at the same time there is a vulnerability that exists until that new space is mapped out and new boundaries are set in place.

The trine aspect has much less focus on the body, whereas the square has a great deal of focus on the body. As spirit makes changes in your life the body has to make adjustments. The issues that come up are all about boundaries and exploration of new territory, and this makes the body uncomfortable in some cases and thrilled in others. The square aspect has the greatest impact upon our emotions and attitudes (body) and therefore brings about the most noticeable growth periods. Growing pains can be associated with the square aspect whereas ease of transition can be associated with the trine. The body won't notice the growth through the trine aspect nearly as much as it notices the growth through squares.