Tree of Life

Trine Aspect Not Owned As Spirit

Not all of the talented people believe in their creative capabilities. The lack of ownership reveals people that are aware they have a talent, but they do not know its value. The spontaneity is hindered and the flow is haphazard. The emotion is like a thin vapor of despair, an imprisoned sadness.

Without a strong sense of ownership people with this aspect can be looking for praise and affirmation in the hopes that if they hear it enough they will begin to believe it for themselves. With the uncertainty they display, their genuine talent doesn't shine and it can remain undiscovered and little used.

Glory Days
Some times people express this trine much like a one trick pony. They found something they can perform and so they do it over and over again, looking for a new audience rather than looking for new material. The lack of ownership for this trine also reveals itself in a reluctance towards letting go of the past by not destroying those old creations and setting up new ones. A little dynamite would come in handy sometimes just to blow it up and start over fresh.

By Hook or...
At times these people can resort to a 'by hook or by crook' attitude, and more likely than not they get away with it. The profile of many a serial killer is that of being pleasant, sociable, charming and intelligent. It is because the trines have a natural skill for timing and spontaneity that, in this case, they are the most deadly.