Tree of Life

Spiritual Ownership Of The Trine Aspect

Creative Ease

When the trine aspect is owned and recognized the individual can have a great interest in the creative process. Inspiration and ideas become a conscious involvement and the physical body is a focused tool on the process at hand. The emotion is one of possessing a comfortable certainty and ease.

Economy of Movement
Through the ownership of this aspect artistic and creative energies are expressed with ease. These people have the ability to draw upon an inner spontaneity that simply flows. In some cases it is represented by inspiration through a gracefulness of body movement, for others it is hand and eye coordination, and for others yet it is revealed through speech and personal presentation. In all cases there is an economy of movement that reflects the ease and certainty they feel.

Looks So Easy
The physical body is not the focus (even when the art form is that of dance) any more than the sketch artist focuses upon his/her hand when drawing pictures. The focus is directed primarily upon the desired effect, which is the product of the creative process, and the body flows with the energy of certainty and ease. This is not to say that the body doesn't have to sweat and stretch, but people with this aspect and corresponding talents just make it look easy.

Self Affinity
Whatever the talent may be that represents the trine aspect it is not one that is acquired through learning, it just is. The talent is always improved upon with practice, but the source of the talent is just a part of them. Through the ownership of this aspect they feel free to express it without hesitation. The ownership reflects a strong affinity these people have with themselves and with what they love to do with their creativity. They are not needy people that require praise and applause, they require only the freedom to express their talents.