Tree of Life

Aquarius the Rebel of the Zodiac

Fixed Air
Aquarius has the distinction of being the fixed air sign. The fixation for Aquarius is in the intellectual element of air. You and I may think about things, but Aquarius knows about things. They make it a point to be in the forefront of modern society and to be on-line, updated, networked, and in the know. If there is something new out there, they either invented it or they know about it. Capricorn may be ambitious, but Aquarius is set up for the next wave of the future. It is this quality they have for establishing the new order of things to come that also allows them to disassociate with the past, or people, places & things of the past.

Aquarius is the oddball of the Zodiac. They almost always have a strange way of seeing things, that is, until the rest of us have caught up. Nine out of ten Aquarius' can be labeled as strange, and the tenth one is really strange. I have an Aquarius friend who claims he is an alien - and I'm inclined to agree with him.

As an air sign they have that quality of detachment that Gemini and Libra also share, but for the Aquarius individual it can be carried to the max and you may think that they are devoid of any emotion. In that they are very neutral, perhaps detached, they do not get shocked easily. They take the role of the observer, and perhaps they even believe that by observing in an impartial manner they do not effect the outcome. That particular premise is suited to an intellectual ideal, but it is not how life works on the every-day level, nor on the emotional, psychological and sub-atomic levels of reality. There is simply no such thing as an impartial observer.

If Leo was about expressing love, then Aquarius is about receiving love. Capricorn may have lead to success, but Aquarius can find the rewards and the accolades for success. Their issue is about receiving love, or being denied love. Aquarius find and defines who they are in terms of their own uniqueness within a group or organization. Their issues are about connectivity within certain circles. If they rebel it is the same issues, just seen from the outside of the group, or in disagreement from the group. The "Old Boy Network" is a club made up from all the Capricorns that graduated the school of success. Now they get to help each other to even more riches. This type of secret society is typical of the Aquarius energy. It is fixed air and as such it compresses information into forms not recognizable to outsiders.

Quotes for Aquarius
"Expect the unexpected." "I lugh... I lugh... I like you." "It's not as strange as you think." "You go your way and I'll go mine."