Tree of Life

Aries, The Warrior of the Zodiac

Active Fire
Aries has the distinction of being the cardinal fire sign. This impulsive fire sign is further excited by the need to be active. The name "cardinal" means to be active. It is like the flames of a fire, always on the move and going in new directions. Aries people become bored or frustrated when things are moving too slow, so they often initiate projects, with great enthusiasm, but they can just as quickly abandon it all if it gets tedious. Exceptions are found only when they are doing what they love to do. In this case they have all the patience in the world for detail and methodical procedures. Generally, they are known as a "Jack of all Trades" by virtue of their enthusiasm for trying something new.

Are they courageous or are they foolhardy? They often find themselves in situations that are threatening, simply because they didn't take a good look at where they were going. To save themselves they may need to rely on instantaneous courage to bluff or bully their way out. Not all Aries people are courageous, and for those that fear more than they like to admit, they may take the self anger that the fear causes and bully others that they feel are vulnerable. At any rate, the issue is around strength - or the lack thereof. As a rule Aries people succeed because they get there first, or because they don't believe there is anyone that can stop them.

Aries has an affinity for taking on challenges that require action, speed and courage. They are natural explorers and pioneers. Aries people run such high energy that they are difficult people to keep up with, impossible to slow down, and combative if controlled. There is only one position for them, and that is to be first.

There are shy and quiet Aries people that appear to contradict the usual description of this sign. The personality and house placement of the Sun may mask the Aries temperament, but underneath this quiet exterior they still seek action and adventure.

Quotes for an Aries
"Do something - even if it's wrong." "In your face." "Been there, done that."