Tree of Life

Cancer - The Mother of the Zodiac

Active Water
Cancer has the distinction of being the cardinal water sign. This means that emotions (water) is active (cardinal). The activity of this sign is to nurture as it is motivated to do something about emotions, or to do something with emotions. As a cardinal sign it is prompted to initiate emotions as a starting place for new creations. In providing an emotional basis for new beginnings it is well suited for the nurturing impulses that provide security and a sense of belonging.

The most common human experience of new beginnings is the birth of a child. The issue for Cancer is emotional bonding that, ideally, takes place at conception, and then at the birth of a new life. It does not always happen in life as some children are not nurtured and provided with security, even by Cancer sign parents, although this is rare indeed. If the bonding process is there, then a child feels a sense of well being. If the bonding process is not there, then the child feels insecure and perhaps unwanted. In either case the issue is about bonding whether it is provided or denied; or for that matter, whether it is accepted or not. You cannot make someone feel loved and accepted, you can only nurture those emotions.

This sign is synonymous with the oceans which are the cradle of all life as we know it. The rise and fall of tides, the endless caressing surf, and even the raging storms are all expressive of the emotional activity of this sign. As a cardinal sign, Cancer seeks to create without interference. If you interfere with a Cancer's creations you are in for stormy weather. Just because they are nurturers at heart don't make the mistake of seeing them as weak and unwilling to fight. In the majority of cases they tent to take flight rather than fight, but if you threaten their creations they will rip your heart out and think nothing of it. A Cancer's creations can be a business project, a novel, a culinary delight, or a garden path, all to be nourished and nurtured.

This Sun sign is considered by others to be moody and to fluctuate from those unseen emotional forces. Now, just because I have repeated it here doesn't make it so, or at least in the way most people would understand. Cancer, as stated, is active water and water represents emotion. Would you expect that they should hold onto one emotion for any great length of time? They seek emotional stimulation and can become as bored as any of the cardinal signs when there is a period of inactivity. For them it is the emotional experiences that keep them interested.

Quotes for a Cancer
"Home is where the heart is." "Try a little tenderness." "The child is not to blame, it is the parents."