Tree of Life

The Gemini Twins of the Zodiac

Mutable Air
Gemini has the distinction of being the mutable air sign. The mutable part is the ability to change, and the air part is the intellectual application. Gemini wants to know things. They want to know their environment and neighborhood, and so at an early age they start to ask questions. To a Gemini any question is fair game and so they get the reputation as being nosey. It is their function, it seems, to spread the news around. So if you want to keep a secret Gemini must be instructed to keep their mouths closed about it, and even then there is no certainty that your secret is safe.

Yakkety Yak
For a Gemini their stock in trade is language, either written or spoken, and they apply their skills with a great deal of amusement and humor. It is this expertise in language that allows them to talk a lot about something they may know very little about. They can be so quick mentally that they are actually learning on the fly while they carry on a discussion in totally unchartered waters. If they live entirely on their wits then they can be easily caught out by anyone that is well informed. At any rate, they have a remarkable ability to learn and teach.

Young at heart
Many Gemini's have what is known as the "Peter Pan syndrome". They don't ever want to grow up because, to them, it means the end is near. The ageing process is not an easy one for Gemini, and they will go to great lengths to postpone getting old. Their sparkling wit and wonderful sense of humor keeps them young well into old age, but they fear it is not enough.

Think about it
They are so governed by their mental processes that they often look only at whether an idea will work or not. If it will work, then why not do it? It is their ability to disassociate that is both their strength and weakness.

Quotes for a Gemini
"Just give me the facts." "There's more than one way to skin a cat." "It's a case of mind over matter - I don't mind and you don't matter."