Tree of Life

Leo The Star Of The Zodiac

Fixed Fire
Leo has the distinction of being the fixed fire sign. Now, how in the world can you have fixed fire. As we all know fire comes and goes, it flares up and dies down. It is the least material of the four elements and care has to be taken in order to contain it. The fixed part of Leo is the willfulness, and in this sense it maintains a fixation, as do all the fixed signs. The fixation for Leo is around the pride, pleasure and rewards of being creative. The fixed nature confines the fire element so that they are not as impulsive as Aries, nor the wanderer Sagittarius is. Leo can be much more single minded than the other fire signs, and it burns with a greater intensity. In that the sign is ruled by the Sun there is a hint to it's nature. And just like the Sun shining down on Leo as if it were a spotlight, these folks want to be the center of attention. They have an affinity for praise and applause.

Courage is part of a "fire" sign's nature and Leo has it's fair share. If Aries is courageous in action, then Leo is courageous in expressing passion. The greatest issue for a Leo is their need for creative expression, often demonstrating their love and passion. This can lead to theatrical productions and becoming the center of attention. It takes courage to stand up and be at the center of attention even though it is passion that is the motivation. Many people wish they could demonstrate their passion as Leo's often do, but it does take courage. A shy Leo may feel frustrated if they do not have a channel for expressing their passion, yet a quiet and satisfying hobby may be all that is required.

Pride and royalty are features of Leo. It was said once that Capricorn rules by delegated authority, but Leo rules by divine right. You will find very few Leo's in subordinate positions because their pride won't allow it. A King or Queen will not be dictated to, end of story. Their pride and their affinity for the limelight is not superficial, it is a demonstration of the strength and courage that is in all of us. We are undermined when we are told that pride is a sin. To set the record straight, it is false pride that goethe before a fall.

Love of Expression
Cancer's nature was to provide love, and Leo's nature is to express love. They are pleasure seekers, not too unlike the Taurus that seeks comfort, except that Leo is much more dramatic and wants to have an impact. Even for the shy and uncertain Leo the issue is the same as they want to be noticed and applauded. It's just not so easy for the shy one's to express it, or perhaps it's not so easy for them to accept it.

Quotes for a Leo
"A man's home is his castle" "If you've got it - flaunt it!" "The child is not to blame, it is the parents."