Tree of Life

Libra The Peacemaker of the Zodiac

Active Air
Libra has the distinction of being the cardinal air sign. This combination of cardinal and air creates an active (cardinal) social (air) focus. As a cardinal sign Libra will initiate a participation in events in order to stay active. If Virgo has perfected personal qualities, then Libra is ready to get involved. Libra is the first sign, in the astrological order of signs, that deals with qualities other than personal perspectives. As such, they seek to form partnerships and relationships that are primarily one to one. For this reason they often feel incomplete if they are not in a relationship of some kind.

"What do you think?"
They are interested in you and your opinion as it helps them in their quest to find a balance that is uniquely their own. They can ask for your opinion on a subject as though it is of primary importance to them, and then make their decisions as though they never heard a word you said. It seems that they only needed your information in order to reaffirm what they were going to do all along.

Emotions in the Courtroom!
With their ability to impartially see both sides of an issue they make good lawyers, counsellors and diplomats. This is true only if they have no investment in the outcome, but if they are involved in some fashion their judgements are decidedly in their own favour. At other times the impartial Libra will sit on the fence and find difficulty in taking a stand. Libra is the sign that refers to all legal battles as well as negotiations in business transactions; and in these situations emotions are useless as arguments but powerful when used as tactics.

Before all else they seek peaceful decisions and harmony. They want to provide a sense of reason and balance to relationships through cooperation. To the unsuspecting this may appear to be weakness and vacillation. Underneath this cooperative nature lurks a warrior if they are challenged or resisted. They have the smoothness and polish of a velvet glove - which holds an iron fist. Yes, that charming, sociable, attractive personality is capable of drawing the sword that will be your demise. They have the potential to be as ruthless and quick as an Aries, but at least with Aries you could see it coming.

Quotes for a Libra
"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." "There are two sides to every story." "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." "All's fair in love and war."