Tree of Life

Sagittarius The Wanderer of the Zodiac

Mutable Fire
Sagittarius has the distinction of being the mutable fire sign. By now you understand that fire represents impulsiveness, and that mutable represents communication. For Sag the communication is with impulsive and inspirational fire. If Scorpio found a cure or cause, then Sagittarius will spread the word through publications, lectures, or getting up on a soap box and preaching. Generally, this sign is friendly, affable and easy going, but they also have a "righteous" side to them. They require personal freedom to speak their minds, but their words, all too often, enslave themselves and others with a religious "right", a political "right", or a social "right." The issue for Sagittarius is in finding truth. They paint with a broad brush, and so they think that there must be a single truth that can be applied to humanity. Yes, applied to humanity, but not necessarily to them. Thus a hypocritical and righteous attitude may be very apparent to others while the Sagittarius is blind to it themselves.

There are only a few things that a Sagittarius wants to keep in sight. One is the truth (perhaps his/her version of the truth). Another is the future, and they can see it coming from a long way off. More than anything the Sag wants to keep freedom in sight. This sign has been labeled as the bachelor sign because they like to travel swift and light without the encumbrances of relationships (perhaps more true for the male Sag then the female). If Leo is symbolized by the core of the Sun where intensity and creativity exist in atomic fusion; and Aries is symbolized by the surface of the Sun that is active and volatile; then Sagittarius is symbolized by the light of the Sun which seeks to penetrate darkness and cover a great distance.

Different Strokes
When a Sagittarius is confident in his/her own beliefs then they can drop the hypocrisy and allow you your own beliefs. When this happens you will find yourself in the company of the most forgiving of all the signs. Wisdom prevails and the Sagittarius no longer wishes to preach, but instead they have become a ready and willing teacher. They combine an expansive point of view with tolerance and goodwill. It is the value they place on personal freedom that will eventually lead them to granting it to all people regardless of the beliefs or customs that others may hold.

To hide things from a Sagittarius you must place them in plain view. They have a knack for seeing beyond the horizon, or into the future, but they will trip over a peanut. When they have found their target and taken aim the archer's marksmanship is excellent, but their tact and diplomacy are somewhat lacking. They can zing you with humorous personal remarks, not too terribly aware of your sensitivity. But when you get them back, they will laugh along with you in good humour.

Quotes for a Sagittarius
"If a little is good, then a lot must be better." "Give me liberty or give me death." "They can't see the forest for the trees." "Give me stout hearted men." "Eat, drink and be merry."