Tree of Life

Scorpio Stealth in the Zodiac

Fixed Water
Scorpio has the distinction of being the fixed water sign. As with all fixed signs the nature is to be fixated about something. In Scorpio's instance it is the emotional issues around shared values. Libra initiated sharing, and Scorpio carries it into the realm of intimacy and emotion. Scorpio deals intimately with sex and death - are you sure you want to get to know them? Just as sex and death represent two ends of the life spectrum, so too does Scorpio go to extremes. The sign itself holds extremes, as one Scorpio can be a pillar of strength and another be treacherous.

All or Nothing
Their nature is to get to the bottom of things and find the root cause. When they do, and they surely will, they will destroy the cause. They take no half way measures in providing a cure or resolving a problem. To them, the problem must be eliminate so that it can never return and be a pestilence. Consequently they have a reputation for dealing out death. But this can be a good thing if they love you because they'll fight your enemies to the death - even their own death as they go to extremes.

In order to get close to Scorpio you have to be trusted by them, otherwise they will be secretive or ruthless. If you are untrustworthy but harmless they will be secretive, but if you are a threat they will be ruthless. On the other hand, if you have gained the confidence and support of Scorpio you have an ally of unquestionable loyalty, and the best of all friends to have at your back.

Regardless of how close you may be to a Scorpio they will always have their secrets and hold a part of themselves back. It is in their nature to be resourceful, and to keep a part of themselves in reserve.

Quotes for a Scorpio
"Leave no stone unturned." "Don't count your chickens til they've hatched." "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." "No quarter asked, nor given." "Take no prisoners." "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."