Tree of Life

Taurus The Bull Sign Of The Zodiac

Fixed Earth
Taurus has the distinction of being the fixed earth sign. As with all signs, their strength is also their weakness. In the case of Taurus, the strength to persevere becomes a liability when they stubbornly refuse to change. Change is accepted by Taurus if it is steady growth taking it one step at a time; and if it is in the form of building upon established foundations. You have not known stubborn until you've tried to move a Taurus in any direction that requires abrupt change. You could say that this type of change is uncomfortable to the Taurus, and so COMFORT becomes a very important focal point for this sign. For Taurus, comfort is synonymous with what is familiar, even if what is familiar is also unpleasant. This is true of all people in general, but for the Taurus it can be carried to extremes.

All of the earth signs have the characteristics of being relentless. For Taurus the relentlessness is a fixation on a method that they have adopted through experience. If it worked in the past it will work again and again, or so they believe. Many times it is their perseverance that makes a Taurus successful in material acquisitions or in building a business. It is the "fixed" earth element that leads them to accumulate material possessions, and at every milestone they will look back over the year to see what they have acquired as a means of judging how well they are succeeding.

Taurus has an affinity for touching and feeling as their means of assimilating information and forming opinions about the world around them. They are perhaps the most sensuous of all the signs. This sensuality extends to all areas of importance in their lives, from the texture and feel of their latest piece of craftsmanship to how they relate to friends and lovers. They love to touch as a means of expressing their feelings as well as receiving emotions. Although Taurus has been called stubborn, and I'm not about to argue the fact, but it may be interesting to know that this stubbornness really stems from their affinity for comfort. Making changes in one's life is not the most comfortable thing to do, ordinarily, and so Taurus people can resist many of the urges for change. When a Taurus individual embraces their spiritual essence then all bets are off as they revel in their creative changes. The material aspects of life are then seen as a bi-product of their ability to create on an energy level. When they build and create on this level they are truly awesome individuals.

People of this sun sign are generally easy to get along with. They are stable and progressive and among the least likely of signs to loose their temper, but if they do it is because they have been severely provoked. If you have gone too far and got that Taurus angry then you are going to be dealing with a raging bull, and don't expect that they will calm down any time too soon.

Quotes for a Taurus
"If it's not broken, don't fix it." "Once bit, twice shy." "A job well planned is half done." "Don't go off half cocked."