Tree of Life

Virgo The Virgin Of The Zodiac

Mutable Earth
Virgo has the distinction of being the mutable earth sign. All mutable signs are communicators in some fashion. For Virgo it is to communicate through practical and material means. It is the earth element that adds the practical and material focus. The main issue for Virgo is organization. Even when they are total slobs, which is rare, the issue is still around organization. They are adept at working with details and this often leads them into careers requiring precision work. With an eye for detail there is little chance for even tiny flaws to get past them.

In the Details
The mutable nature of this sign gives it a nervousness that is not always apparent. It can be seen through their fussiness to have everything just right, or when you find them picky over how you hold your folk at dinner. As an earth sign they are also relentless, and this is revealed as they continually pick away at the small details. They can be nervous about this if they are criticized, or they can simply ignore the distraction and go about their business. Sometimes Virgo's are born into families that are totally dysfunctional, and in the process of growing up they can use this quality of ignoring distractions as a survival technique.

They are creatures of habit, and yet they are quite adaptable. Their habitual routines serve them well because they have perfected them. When the routines cease to be useful Virgo will perfect new ones. By no means are all Virgo's neat and tidy with their surroundings, for example,an auto mechanic may have the car looking and running perfect but the computer files may be in chaos. It will be whatever Virgo values the most that will come under scrutiny, and all else may be ignored. They feel safe when they have routines that function, but if the routines no longer function it becomes a worry to them. So they have this affinity, it seems, for work and worry.

Sensual Precision
In all the labels that are attributed to Virgo I can't seem to find the one that says they are sensual. Ok, most astrological sources don't mention this, but they are very sensual and sexual people. And don't bother with the prudish and virginal images that some say are part of the Virgo mystique, because those images don't fit with the Virgo Sun - save them for the Virgo Moon where they usually fit much better. Also, don't be surprised by their particular or precise sexual appetites, (some may say kinky) because the Virgo Sun individual does have a selective palette.

Quotes for a Virgo
"They can't see the trees for the forest." "Everything has it's place, and everything is in it's place." "You can't put a square peg in a round hole." "Practice makes perfect."