The 40 Days

The 40 Days is an hour-long daily guided meditation lasting for 40 days. The 40 Days is such a deep, honest process and the classes are never recorded. We speak freely—What gets said here stays here.

Participate in The 40 Days;
By phone, connecting by Skype, clear.seeing, or in person for those close by

The Women's 40 Day Intensive
June 1 to July 6,

So what ’s The Women's 40 Day Intensive all about…It’s about;

Gratitude for your being female
Self trashing / Self improvement
Body ownership
Certainty in a female body
Giving / Receiving in a female body
Peace making with ourselves and others
and more...

And then there's the 3 c’s; letting go of competition, comparison and control. A few more pieces;

Another potent piece, dealing with the guilt and shame we've been hanging onto (for years?).
(Sounds like 'loads' of fun! )

and there's more.

What a wonderful way to ground your summer.

Hour MEDITATION TIMES for The Women's 40 Day Intensive:

  • Monday to Friday 9:00 amOR 5:30 pm
  • Saturday 9:00 am
  • & Sunday no class structure, ~ Please create your own hour of silence.
NOW IT’S SUMMER so you may not have 40 Days -
SO POP IN Monday through Thursday $10.00 A POP
~ Friday or Saturday at 9:00 are a full meal deal for $21.00

Each 40 Days we heal a parts of our body and two relationships, male and female. It's miraculous!

Fee: $300.00 for this 40 Days

Fee: $200.00 for The 40 Days when you participate 3 days a week for 6 weeks. Please see 'these are the days of the week' for classes. Weekly Class Schedule

The Warm Up June 3 to July 5

A completely separate class,

before the formal meditation at 9:00. For 25 minutes we plunge into a meditation on practicing the basics and more. This class is as potent as the 9:00

8:30 am to 8:55 (may be repeated at 12:00) Monday through Friday

Fee:$125.00 for 5 weeks

Prepare for The 40 Days.

Pre requisite:
Class 1 Burnaby or Vernon
Please register by calling Cheryl. 604-761-1998 or e-mail
Please see Class 1 for all of the details; Fee, parking,food, accommodation etc

Class 1 and more Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 8:55 The BASICS June 3,2019 to July 10, 2019 Skype

If you want to do any one on one sessions, please call. We can read the energy around your health, people, place and things. I'm pretty spontaneous, you can text anytime after 10:30 am to set up a time.
If you want to know the current astrology themes, we can do that too.

Floating scale, $20.00 - $30.00 for a short session or
$50.00 to $60.00 for 45 minutes+.

For the sake of honesty and privacy the classes or readings are not taped.

Class 1 "Spiritual Awareness Tools" is a pre-requisite for taking weekly meditations or The 40 Days.

2019 What we know at this point.
Love and Abundance of Miracles 2019 September 1, to December 1, 2019
40 Days September to October 2019
40 Days October 20 2019 to December 01, 2019 TM, Sexual energy and Kundalini

Please register by calling Cheryl. 604-761-1998 or e-mail

My goodness, this 40 days is brilliant!
I really enjoy the morning group. I feel much less fear and much more hope and love. I would like to meet with you & God regularly for healings, now that I've decided to live. I might just have to book you and pay for my own intensive if you're into it. I can hardly wait til you're here. Can you bring Trish & Louise & Sharon please?

Karen BA MEd

What have I taken from the meditation classes
Including the 40 day meditation? Ha!

Nothing short of a life change. There were difficult times because I had spent over 50 years being so comfortable in my old and familiar ways that I had my resistant and angry moments. But - The resistance opened to the Ahh Haa tearful moments - no comparable experience and this


Hello Cheryl:
I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this 40 days class. I really love who I am becoming, and I cherish my deeper knowingness of my Creator!

I am so grateful for your commitment to all of us. Your passion for being there and showing up for your students (and me) truly takes my breath away, as I know I am safe and you will hold that place for me to rise up again, and again, and again, to see the sun shining!