Weekly Guided Meditations

All Lines Are Open; Skype name;clear.seeing, Phone;604-761-1998
or our Front Door.

Times given are Pacific Time

Deepen your Spiritual Practice with The 40 Days 40 DAYS
An hour-long guided meditation offered daily. Please join us when possible on Cheryl’s Zoom for 9:00 am. or;

  • Peace Saturdays

    The Gift of Peace:
    Peace Saturdays at 9:00

    Sunday mornings we offer The Spiritual Basics
    The Spiritual Basics

    Please refer to the 40 Days for The Reading Class

    Energy Readings support your spiritual practice.

    Your universe is a pretty big place. Our intention is to validate how well it's running. We believe that your world runs on love and that love balances nature, all nature.

    We will read your energy, tell you where it's blocked and why. We can try to answer all of your concerns without advising what you should or could do, that'll be up to you.

    Student Readings Sundays Monday evenings September 13 for 8 weeks

    You will be supported by a variety of teachers Cheryl
    Gina - 360-927-0848
    and others TBA
    e-mail for our schedule and all Zoom contacts

    The value of reading or being read may bring about phenomenal healing.

    Professional readings are generally 45 minutes for $60.
    Please register by calling Cheryl. 604-761-1998 or e-mail for the Zoom
    Include astrology for $100 They are not taped.

    Regarding astrology;
    Astrology readings are governed by the same principles where the information is provided without predictive advice.
    It's your universe and the choices you make are yours, and when all is said and done you will be able to say, 'it was my choice.'

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    Women's CLASS Wednesdays at 9:00 am
    Alternative Sunday afternoons belong to
    Love and Abundance of Miracles 2021 September 12, to November 26, 2021

    Please register by calling Cheryl. 604-761-1998 or e-mail for the Zoom URL's
    The pre-requisite for the weekly classes is Class 1

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    During The 90 Days of Peace February to May 2022, we meditate on Peace daily. Please see 40 Day cycle

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    If you are in The 40 Days and want to do one on one work with your reading space, please call Cheryl.

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    Classes by others in our community Teachers and Healers and Such:

    Holly's Web Site:

    Call for booking a Reading with Kim at UTOPIA Mystical Gift Shop 1826 Lonsdale Ave 604 984-8782

    New Years Creation Meditation January 1, 2022

    Time: 4:00 to 6:00 pm healing's (10 min to clear your aura) and/or
    readings (10 minute look at your energetic system)

    Where:at Ed and Cheryl’s (text me and I will give you the address)
    Street parking available, The 136 bus brings you up the hill
    …drop in anytime between 4:00 and 6:00

    Food: ongoing pot luck
    All our welcome.

    Quick meditation at 6:00

    Out the door by 7:00

    Healing by donation

    Class 1 "Spiritual Awareness Tools" is a pre-requisite for taking weekly meditations or The 40 Days.

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