Weekly Guided Meditations

All Lines Are Open; Skype;clear.seeing, Phone;604-761-1998
or our Front Door.

Times given are Pacific Time

Deepen your Spiritual Practice with another Weekly Class, or two. Duration 6 weeks.

List of Weekly Classes:
  1. Mondays:
  2. Tuesdays:
  3. Wednesdays:
  4. Thursdays:
  5. Fridays:
  6. Saturdays:


  • Monday to Friday 9:00 am , or 5:00 pm, (if needed 8:00 AM may be an option)
  • Saturday 9:00 am ~ (8:00 am may be an option~ depending on numbers)
  • Sunday no class structure ~ Please create your own hour of silence.

The pre-requisite for the weekly classes is Class 1

Fee: $125.00 for 6 weeks

You are welcome to drop into any class as often as you want.

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Mondays May 28, to July 2, 2018

Trancemmmmmmmedium Monday's.

A class to clear out any unwanted energy. We refer to it as, a good clean out.

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Healing Tuesdays May 29, To July 3, 2018.

We heal different parts of the body with amusement. This weekly class comes to you by way of The November/December 40 Days on Health and Healing. Topics include lungs, heart and different body systems. We will take requests from class participants. Distant healing's are included, most days distant healing's and prayers are included.

Your needs come first. If you want us focus on a certain body part, please call Cheryl.

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Wednesday and everyday in this 40 Day series May 30, To July 4 2018
The Gift of Kundalini:

To own your Kundalini is to own your personal pot of gold. Each series we learn something new in regards to Kundalini energy. We will slowly work towards giving a Kundalini healing.

Wednesdays We Play
2 Wednesdays of the Month (usually) This month it's June 6 and June 20 .

Taking steps with Energy Awareness in an atmosphere of fun. Come and play.

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Fee:$15.00 to $25.00 floating scale
Skype or in person at our home.

Other details:Pot luck meals create so much fun. Street parking is available.
Wednesdays We Play April 11, April 25

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Thursdays Reading May 31, To July 5, 2018
Energy Reading Class:

Come and explore your reading space.

You get your space back when you have reading. You get all of your information back. You can see your entire universe. We do not advise, we validate.
For $20.00, You are welcome to drop in and receive a reading.

If you are in The 40 Days and want to one on one work with your reading space, please call Cheryl.

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Fridays Venus' Day June 1, to July 6, 2018
The Women's Class: Loving your female body with every fibre of your Being.

Lets celebrate 'being' in our female body.
We review a basic class tool as well.
Move over Cinderella.

Hey Guys, if you would like to take steps owning your maleness, your class is at 5:00pm with Ed.
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May 26, to July 7, 2018
Peace Saturdays: 6 Saturdays at 9:00 am. (No PM Class)

Do we really know how much our peace effects the world around us? Blessed are the peacemakers in 2018. If you would are perplexed about which weekly to take this one comes highly recommended.

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Sunday no class structure, ~ Please create your own hour of silence.

Community Sundays
Please see Community page 2nd Sunday of the Month

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm ISH MAY 27
In the spring and summer we gather in the garden.

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Becoming a Healer
please see; Wednesday We Play, 2018 Burnaby
(see map)

Time: 11:00 to 12:30


June 3, 2018 Vernon
(details to follow)
Prerequisite: Please see Class 1

Participate in energy healing, fe/male healing, bedside healing, kundalini healing, astral body healing. Immerse yourself in a day of healings. You are welcome to come and only, receive.

Class 1 is a pre-requisite class for taking weekly meditations or The 40 Days.

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